Mystery, Romance, Fantasy and Horror

Through story we live multiple lives, develop emotional intelligence, and consider what we might do if we were in the character’s situation. Stories bring hope, leave us considering different perspectives, and help us ponder what it means to be human, both the light and the dark.

Fiction coaching helps writers to:

  • find the heart of the story
  • develop the courage to tell it
  • reframe feedback
  • write stories with a strong structure
  • be accountable to goals and writing milestones
  • think differently about their story


Book Coaching Options

Plan Your Novel

Get clarity on your story. Establish the story foundation, bring your characters to life, and develop a story arc with a compelling rhythm that engages readers.

Manuscript Evaluation

Get a developmental edit, and an editorial letter highlighting the strengths of your draft and opportunities to improve. Through conversation and reflection, develop a strategy to refine your work.

Six Month Intensive Book Coaching Package

We’ll work together to empower your writing, firm up your creative voice, and write up to 30,000 words of your draft with this intensive 6-session coaching package.

Monthly One-to-One Book Coaching

Write your novel with regular coaching comments and a monthly coaching session. Improve your draft. Deepen your story, meet deadlines, and finish your manuscript.


Fiction Book Coach

Selina Shapland is an Author Accelerator Fiction Book Coach and fiction writer.

She has coached writers from story idea to outline, edited novels, synopsis, and query letters, and coached pitch strategies for querying agents. Since 2008, she has written two paranormal adventure manuscripts, published 72 articles with Weekend Notes Brisbane, taught a character development class online and has a certification in leadership coaching. 

Selina is a member of the Romance Writers of Australia, Sisters in Crime, Australasian Horror Writers Association, Horror Writers Association, and the Author Accelerator Community of Practice.

Selina has a passion for supporting writers to find their voice, write their stories and build confidence.

Selina is generous, enthusiastic, knowledgeable, and professional: everything you could wish for in a book coach. As my coach, she provided the guidance to work through the development of my manuscript, as well as the space to address any internal blocks in my writing process. Her questioning and feedback were always considered and insightful, and prompted me to do some in-depth thinking about the scope of my project. As a result, I came away from our sessions with a wonderful sense of clarity and direction. I highly recommend Selina’s coaching to any writer who wants to progress to the next level in their career.

Geneve Flynn, 2x Bram Stoker Award and Shirley Jackson Award-winning Author

what people say

Selina is professional, authentic and honest. I have found working with her to be an enjoyable and exciting learning experience. I have developed a sense of clarity within my writing skills as an author that has allowed me to gain more knowledge and confidence within my work. When sharing your creative work, you want someone who you can trust, is experienced and knowledgeable in overcoming obstacles that allow you to move closer to your creative goal. Selina has done this through breaking down complex ideas with simple, effective solutions that lead to beneficial outcomes. Without the support and knowledge I have gained from Selina, I wouldn't be able to move forward with my creative goal in writing my novel.

Nakita S

They say all true artists suffer and struggle for their art, which is probably true, but the suffering and struggling can demotivate you. Selina changed all of that. With compassion, insightful understanding, warmth and good humour, she found the right switches to flick in my head, and made writing fun again. The time I’ve spent with her has left me feeling excited about writing fiction, but more importantly – capable of writing fiction. Selina helped me discover the source of my negative self-talk, and gave me strategies to combat my self-doubt. She wants you to succeed and genuinely cares about your book. After my first two sessions with her, I knuckled down and in a shockingly short time frame had 36,000 words staring back at me. Even better, the story was good! I highly recommend her. You’re in safe and competent hands.

Jack sinclair

Working with Selina was an absolute game changer for me. She is a thoughtful and considerate coach, and asked all the right questions to ensure I had the best plan to start working from.
I'll certainly be back to work with her again and I highly recommend her to all authors of any experience level. You won’t be disappointed.

Pamela Jeffs, author of Wilder

Working with Selina as a coach is a great experience. Selina is a good listener who offers constructive and honest feedback. She has inspired me at times when I am convinced my story is not worth continuing. Her perspectives on character and point of view have been so useful to my storytelling. I look forward to working with her further on stories I am developing.

Robyn Ede

Selina went above and beyond for me. From the first, she was encouraging, enthusiastic, and knowledgeable. She gave me invaluable notes on my manuscript, many positive, and many constructive, that helped me shape up my book for submission. She was extremely communicative and thoughtful and took great care of my work (and my ego!) at every step. I could NOT have written a synopsis without her! If you want someone dedicated to the craft of storytelling and writing, Selina is your person.

Dana Lotito


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