Woman in Water 2012

Woman floats in water
Created: April 2012
Artist: Selina Shapland

It seems that 2012 held a theme for me in my art and creativity.  Women and water were a huge feature of how I was expressing myself.

This oil painting was sold to a dear friend of mine who loved it the moment she saw it.

This image was inspired by a young lady leaning against a wall in another tattoo magazine.  I loved the way she looked so relaxed and sensual.  I tried to capture that in this oil painting and provide a sense of movement through the pallet knife and paint texture.

As I painted this woman floating in water, I explored my feelings about loving my body just the way it is, bumpy bits and all.  The water represents the emotions that I often find myself spinning around in, where there is a need to surrender to the tumultuous life experiences and allow myself to go with the flow.

The female body is beautiful and I wanted to spend time celebrating the wonder of the feminine form through my art.

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