Planting a seed of hope in the dirt

Black pen on newsprint 31/6/2013
Black pen on newsprint

It’s been a while since I have really immersed myself in some artwork as I have been focusing on getting some other businesses up and running and fundraising.  But tonight I realised that it was time for me to recharge my emotional and spiritual batteries… so I took my black pen and little newsprint pad of paper upstairs, sat on the couch and while the TV was burbling in the background, I began to sketch.

I had no particular type of drawing in my mind at the time of putting pen to paper.  I just started by creating a heart that morphed into a circle, a leaf and a flower.  Before I knew it, the drawing you see above burst off the page to reflect back at me some of the changes I have been making inside myself lately.

This drawing represents the personal and professional growth I have been going through.  Symbolically this drawing represents the transition from feeling so confused about life, feeling directionless, fumbling around in the darkness to planting a seed of hope in the dirt and allowing life to begin to sprout through careful nurturing.  I feel like my life is starting to bloom in many ways, in ways that I have always dreamed would happen and never truly thought would happen.

My heart desires more… fulfilment in life and connection with the things that truly matter to me.  I no longer want to be everything to everyone else, always trying to please others, living up to other people’s unspoken expectations and failing fantastically.  It’s too much pressure and I feel that my soul is calling me to embrace the silent simplicity that nature inspires.  I do not know where this will take me, yet, I feel like I have stepped into a phase of my life where I am beginning to slew away the rubbish and externally imposed yet too well internalised shackles that have bound me throughout my life.

I am tired of being a people pleaser and yet, I want to be a good person, loving and kind.  However, I am sure that I can be all those things without losing my soul to slavery of external expectations.

Please feel free to comment and let me know if you go through any of these things too.


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