Green Glass Beads – A necklace and more…

Green Glass Bead Necklace

I was feeling a little bead inspiration today.  Green seemed to be the colour I was most attracted to during my creative moments.  I couldn’t resist diving into my beads and playing around to create little pieces of beauty to share with you.

Just sharing the creative spirit.


I loved the seahorse and got it through Etsy a long time ago.  Tonight, I felt inspired to glue beads and crystals on it to begin to bring the pendant to life.


Green glass earrings to match the necklace.  I love this green.  It feels so comforting and healing for me.


My mum has a huge love of horse shoes and has ever since I can remember.  She went crazy and bought me heaps of the little good luck symbols for me to play with.  So I have combined the good luck of the horse shoes with green for prosperity and abundance.


Butterflies are my favourite symbol and so I had to use some charms to create these little earrings.  So sweet and they have a message on the other side that says ‘created for you’.  So sweet.
IMG_4566Angels, but not just any angels… this is Uriel and Gabriel – Arch Angels!

Yes, they are both inscribed.  I love these two.  I’m keeping them to wear myself as both of the Arch Angels are close to my heart. I love what they represent.

Happy creativity to you.  Let me know your thoughts and if you’re interested in purchasing any of the above (apart from the Angels) let me know.  Thank, S


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