Yoda uses the Force!


This watercolour painting was created in 2011 and donated the 2012 Heart Art Show to help raise funds for Young Variety Children’s Charity.

I am happy to say that this one was purchased as part of the silent auction on the night.

Yoda is such an awesome character; short and wise.  Love him, I do.

Initially, I decided to draw up Yoda for a close friend of mine, however, at that time the art show came up as an opportunity for me to share some of my artwork.  So that was one of the reasons why I put Yoda up for silent auction.

It can be tough getting your art out there in the world but boy is it fantastic to see your work up on the wall for sale.

I remember feeling so vulnerable putting myself out there, but then, I thought it is better to put my art out into the world rather than keep it hidden in my art shed, so I made myself face my internal vulnerability and open myself up to the world.

I am sure that I am not the only artist that finds it challenging to put themselves out into the world and allow their artwork to become the viewers property.  Art, any type of creativity is an extremely personal externalised reflection of the soul and putting your heart and soul out into the world for people to see and comment on is scary.

But ‘the darkness.  Face, you must’.  So I have chosen to follow the guidance of Yoda.  He has such wisdom, surely I will be safe if I use the force to see the shadows of my soul?

Rhetorical questions, all opportunities to step into my courage.

Thank you Yoda for reminding me that there is ‘do or do not do, there is no try’ and all that kind of wisdom.  You Rock!

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