Woman in Transition

Created: 2005- 2006
Artist: Selina Shapland

I felt inspired to share some of my artworks of the female figure with you.  Some of them are modelled after my own somewhat curvy lines and others from life models.  This above painting was created between 2005 and 2006 in acrylic paints.  I had a fantastic time painting this piece and I called it ‘Woman in transition’ as it really was a transitional time in my life.

Woman in transition is a self-portrait where I stood in front of the mirror naked and painted my reflection on the canvas.  I used my emotions to express colours on the body.

Red Burlesque cropped image of acrylic painting

Created: 17/9/2011
Artist: Selina Shapland

This is a cropped image of my acrylic painting called Red Burlesque inspired by the Burlesque movie and how amazingly cool it is that women have curvy bits and can wear such sexy clothes to celebrate their womanhood.

Life drawing observation ink and charcoal artwork

Created: 2004
Artist: Selina Shapland

This life drawing was completed during the short period of time that I attended art school in Melbourne.  This woman was beautiful in her pose and she stayed there for a long time as we all took our time to draw her form on the gessoed brown paper.  I do love this piece more than nearly any of the artworks I did when I was attending art school.  This piece is a mixture of charcoal and black ink and I am happy to say that I still have it stashed away in my art cupboard.

Oil Painting

Created: 2008
Artist: Selina Shapland

Lastly, the above image was a painting I did from a black and white photo where I painted the shadows more than the form as such.  I used skin tone but I ended up not liking this painting at the time and trashed it.  However, looking back, I am still happy that it does represent the female form in a positive way.

I don’t know why, but today, I felt inspired to share the beauty of the female figure with you.