Oil Painting of a face in shadow
Reflection – Oils on Canvas
Created: 2009
Artist: Selina Shapland

This oil painting was done in 2009.  I had a bit of a love affair with this colour palette and there were a few indigo themed paintings coming out of my creativity during that time.  In 2011, I donated this painting to the Heart Art Charity Auction where it was sold for over $200 to raise funds for sick kids.

That was a great night.  I won the people’s choice art award that night.

I remember that the face created itself on the canvas and unfortunately this photo doesn’t do it justice.

It was fabulous to see it up on Juggler’s Art Space gallery wall that night and knowing that people were having a bidding war to purchase it.  This image has a bit of an eerie-ness to it because I as you move around the room the eyes follow you.  I hope the lady who eventually won the bidding war still loves it as much as she did back in 2011.

This painting not a self portrait, unless you count the concept that it is a representation of my inner self shining from the canvas, which pretty much feels good to me ’cause isn’t that what creativity is about…



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