This blog is dedicated to my love of geometry and playing with line.  These images are works in progress.  Each piece takes hours to create but I love the process as I get thoroughly lost in what I am doing and things feel… just perfect for me as I explore my love of geometric art.


This is an A3 size drawing that I have been working on in November 2013.  I love how the geometric shapes create a world unto themselves that the viewer’s eye can follow around the whole piece.  This is a progress photo and I am sure it will create itself into something pretty cool as time goes by.


This is a bit of visual diary play from last week.  I haven’t finished it and will continue to work on this piece, mainly because it’s fun and that’s what art should be – FUN!


This drawing in, yet another, visual diary, has been waiting for me to come back to it for over a year now.  I cannot say exactly why I have not continued to work on this piece, except that I go through phases of intense artistic creative expression and then I am on to something else, such as reading or creative writing.

I will finish this piece sometime in the near future…

I must admit that, I do love the complexity of this type of art.  My right brain must be in heaven when I am deeply involved in this type of creative expression as I do not notice the passage of time.  In essence, creating art is like creating and participating in a living expression of moving, yet still meditation. It is deep and profound while I am in the flow of the work and my mind flits from one contemplative thought to another.

I do love that about creating art.