Like an apple in the ocean



There are days when I feel like an apple tossed mercilessly in the ocean.

I suppose this is just life.  I feel frustrated.  I feel creatively constipated.  I feel stuck and yet at the same time thrown from one idea to another as I try to sift through everything that has been coming at me in life.

I felt so frustrated and tired today that I had to put it into an image.  Above is my apple in the ocean and as I was scribbling away with oil pastels in my art diary, I kept thinking how much I feel like the apple in the ocean, going wherever life takes me.

Sometimes I feel so exhausted from this Hashimoto’s Disease and I have no choice but to give in to the sway of the energy ebb and flow in life.  Today was one of those days with little to no energy and yet, I somehow managed to scribble on my pad and produce an apple that represents how I feel.

I am left wondering where the ocean will take me?



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