Art Journal Class

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In August and September this year I went and tried out some art journalling classes held at the Kwerky Cafe in Beerwah.  That’s on the Sunshine Coast of Queenland if you’re not from Australia.

Above are two the journal entries I did.  The second one is inspired by dragons I found online and I give full credit to the original artist.  They are amazing.  I did appropriate the images for my own use in the journal and had a great deal of fun playing with them and honoring their art.  Thank you to those artists who shared their work online and I hope you don’t mind my love of your work.

The art journal classes are held once a month at Kwerky Cafe and they are super fun. The teacher provides all the paints, pens, pencils, templates and napkins to glue in your journal.  Each month is a different theme.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy checking this out.  If you’re interested in attending some time, make sure you visit the Kwerky Cafe and enquire.  They make excellent coffee and food too!

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