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Desolation – Book Review Vlog

Today I uploaded a Vlog to my YouTube Channel.  It’s a book review of Desolation.

Desolation is the second book in a YA Series by Derek Landy, called The Demon Road Series.

This is my first real go at doing a video book review and I’m still working out how to do the recording, so you can see the titles of the books are mirror image.  I’m still working on getting a better video recorder.

But, if you watch the video, I do chat about the two books I’ve read in the series and I’m sure you’ll get what I’m on about.

I enjoyed reading Desolation.  Probably more than the first book, Demon Road.  The main character, Amber grows into her independence and this book has a love interest that I did not see coming.  It was a great read and fast-paced with horror and thriller beats that kept me hanging on for more.

I’m going to study this novel and see how Derek Landy hooked me so well and then see if I can use what I learn in my own creative writing.

Dean Wesley Smith encourages his students to use this method.  Read for pleasure and then review to find out how the author created such a great story that appealed to your personal reading tastes.

Thanks for reading.  Thanks for watching and I hope your writing is going great too.

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