Uriel’s Gift

“I died on the seventeenth of July 1996—Life became very interesting after that.”  ~ Edward Spellman

One of my best friends has bravely written a book about his spiritual life and I am excited to share it with you.

Whether you believe in a spiritual life or not, I am sure, if you were to read this book you would find some wisdom here.

Uriel’s Gift is the culmination of 20 years work. It is Edward’s personal journey through instinct, intuition, research and revelation.  It is also one human being’s journey through grief and loss and change and steps toward self discovery.

It takes courage to hit the publish button on such a profound and personal spiritual experience as Edward has had.

I’ve read the book and so many of his visions and messages held meaning for me on a personal and spiritual level.  At times I got goosebumps and felt held by the Divine. To me, that is a special moment.

Edward’s ability to bring me into his world was mesmerising.

Of course, I could just say all this because he is my friend, but I’m not. He’s worked hard and reading this book has touched my heart and helped me to ponder things such as life after death, psychic and spiritual development and so much more.

I believe that Edward is a very brave man to have lived through these years and to follow the guidance to write Uriel’s Gift.  I believe it is a gift.  And it is my hope that those who are drawn this book, those who choose to read it, receive many blessings. And at the very least it’ll be one interesting read!

Personally, I think we can all learn from another person’s personal experience regardless as to our personal beliefs and it is good to be open to different experiences.

So, if you’ve ever had a psychic experience, a vision, a profound dream, heard a voice from someone you couldn’t see or seen something out of the corner of your eye and wondered what if? You may be interested in reading  Uriel’s Gift.

You can find out more about Edward at his website.

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