Yoga practice opens my heartLately I’ve been practicing yoga – more than I ever have before and I am loving it!

I’ve also been writing and editing my Tuppence Weatherstom manuscript and helping my best friend, Edward, get his book, Uriel’s Gift into the hands of people who will enjoy his story.

Life’s been busy and I’ve needed to spend time on the mat. I don’t get on my mat every day but I aspire to it.

Recently, I’ve been doing yoga with Kristy from Yoga Rhythms and Yoga with Adriene from YouTube.

They both inspire me to continue my #yogacommitted challenge and to seek balance in my life. I also find myself being kind to my body because yoga is about being in the present and being in sync with my breath. It’s not about body image or doing the perfect asana.  And I find that refreshing and healing.

I am finding that every time I come to my mat to practice yoga with awareness and intention my heart opens and heals a little more. My nervous system repairs itself a little more. My mind quiets a little more.

This is wonderful. I need it. I appreciate it.

Of course, I cannot do a back bend the way the person in the image does but I do my own version because I know that I am growing my practice whenever I commit to getting on the mat.

Some days are harder to get on the mat than others but I am doing my best to show up and be present. So far I have done 93 days of yoga this year. That is the most I have ever stayed committed to my yoga practice.

Regular practice is helping me to feel much happier in life and it is providing me with another tool to manage the anxiety that sometimes tries to eat me alive from the inside out.

And it’s helping me with my creative writing. I’m more focused and creative. It’s helping me to play with my animal companions more and it’s helping me to get back to my art which I think is brilliant. I am so grateful for all the benefits yoga is giving me.

Also I’ve found myself going through another phase … as I have become more interested in yoga, I have become inspired by my teachers to cook dahl (or is that daal – I don’t know which spelling – they both seem to apply).  We just got a pressure cooker and I’m going to give this another go. I’m not much of a cook but I feel inspired to try.

So I found some great dahl recipes on YouTube.  Here is one of my favs so far:

I love this lady. She is adorable and I really enjoyed watching her cook her version of dahl/daal. She doesn’t use a pressure cooker but I’m still pleased I found her YouTube video.

I hope my dahl comes out as yummy as hers.

I’ll let you know how I go.


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