Pressure Cooker Dahl

I had a go at making dahl/daal with my new pressure cooker and it worked!

I’m not much for cooking. My partner is more of the chef in our relationship but I had a go, thanks to a recipe given to me by my yoga teacher, Kristy from Yoga Rhythms.

I played around with the recipe and made it my own. Here’s what I did.

I chopped up the onion, added ginger and garlic and two table spoons of olive oil and sauted them. Then I added tomato, capsicum and fresh basil. Then I added cumin, chilli powder, a bit of curry powder and garam masala. Stirred it all around in the pot and then I added my soaked lentils.

I washed the lentils three times, then I drained all the water and soaked them in chicken stock (which was equivalent to 2 cups) and added an extra cup of water. Then I threw it all in the pot, turned on the pressure cooker, pressed the ‘beans’ button and let it do its magic.

And this is the first time I have ever made dahl that isn’t runny. It came out exactly as it is supposed to be – like porridge.

It was delicious. Not too spicy for me as my tastebuds prefer mild foods but I reckon you could do whatever you want with this nutritious food.

Yoga is having a very positive effect on my life in more ways than I had thought when I first started my regular practice. ¬†Initially, I came to the mat just so I could find a way to stop the anxious thoughts whirling around inside my head and now it’s helping me to clean up my diet and get healthy. How cool is that!

This whole experience is changing the way I relate to the process of cooking. I love my pressure cooker and I am actually looking forward to being more creative in the kitchen.

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