Relaxation is … a cattery, animal companions and a new chair

About a month ago I moved house and when I got set up in my new place it was finally time to put together my cat’s cattery.  I’d bought it a while ago but had no where to put it as I knew I’d be moving, so it sat in big boxes in the shed waiting for the right time to be put up.

So as soon as we got settled in our new home my partner spent about a week staining the wood and then he and my best friend put the cattery together.

The cattery is a two by three metre cage with a door, cat shelves and two swing bridges. Miss Poppy isn’t too keen on the swing bridges but she’s okay with them staying as long as she’s not expected to walk across them.

Really, this cattery is like having a another room on the house. It even looks like a mini house.
I love it.
I’m sitting in it right now as I write this blog, Miss Poppy on the tiles chilling out, and Rocket and Jack relaxing in the yard.

And now Miss Poppy has an outdoor playpen where she is safe and the wildlife are safe too.

I think relaxation is … having this precious quiet time with my animal companions. I am feeling such blissful relaxation sitting here with them. Birds are chirping and the sky is blue. The temperature is warm but not viscious hot and I have a fan going in the shade too.

To add to my level of comfort, I’ve finally got myself a great chair.

It’s big. It’s comfy. It’s green!

And I love it too.

I freely admit that when I bought the cattery it was for Poppy but I also imagined myself sitting in it, reading and writing, spending time with all my animal companions and relaxing.

And now, I’m living the dream.

Relaxation is … wonderful.

I hope wherever you are that you too are enjoying some moments of peaceful relaxation too.

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