Reading Healing Tarot Cards

Today is the third day of the Brisbane Mind Body Spirit Festival and I’ve been giving mini readings with my new set of healing tarot cards. You can see them in the image above. They are extremely symbolic and filled with archetypes that get to the heart of the things that hold people back in life.

It has been fantastic because so many people have received accurate messages and gone away with a richer understanding of what is happening for them in life than they had before. I rarely understand the context of what comes through but really, the messages are not for me, they are for the person who wanted the reading in the first place.

The tarot is a tool to guide and provide further information when people are seeking but I also encourage people to listen to their own intuition and connect with their own guidance to see the lessons in life that are coming their way.

I guess that’s why I like this set of healing cards so much. They help get to the core of the unseen issues people may have been denying in themselves.

I am certainly stepping out of my comfort zone. One by doing public readings and two by charging for them. I’m also stepping out of my comfort zone by writing about it here on my blog. But I am who I am and I am living as much of an authentic life as I can. It’s no good advising others to do such things if I do not do this myself.

I’ve had a long standing love for Spirituality, psychic stuff, the paranormal and Spirit. I don’t often talk about it and it can be challenging for me to put myself out there but I am listening to my own guidance and I am trusting in Spirit to help me along the way.

Not only am I doing small tarot card readings for people, but I am also writing paranormal fiction stories that channel my love of all things paranormal into the lives of characters and let them explore the conflicts of the human condition.

Understanding archetypes, symbology and the universal conflicts/lessons on the human experience help both with tarot reading, art, creative writing and (for me) living a fulfilled and authentic life.

So a big thank you to every single person who took a chance on me at the Brisbane Mind Body Spirit Festival and got a tarot reading. You rock and special thanks to the two ladies to encouraged me to stop practicing and step into my power, surrender to Spirit and charge for my time while giving my readings.

I cannot truly express the depths of my appreciation to you and to Spirit for what I have received.

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