Intricate Line Drawing Class

It’s been a big artistic week for me. I’ve spent hours creating a new Skillshare course called, ‘Create Intricate Line Drawings’, and I’m super excited that I’ve managed to pull this off. I’ve had to learn how to create effective time lapse videos, create video content that flows and makes sense, draw and draw andContinue reading “Intricate Line Drawing Class”

A little art video

I’m in the middle of learning how to set up my camera and record myself doing art so I can create more skillshare courses. I’d like to create one on drawing intricate line drawings. So, today, I set up the camera and played around with recording. Then I put the videos on iMovie and createdContinue reading “A little art video”

More on my love of line

Let me take you into my world and my love of line… Below are images of line inspired ink drawings that I create or rather, they create themselves through me. If you are a follower of my blog, then you probably already know how much I love line.  As I have said in the past,Continue reading “More on my love of line”

Complexity in my life

Last month, I found myself playing with a new Sharpie which I love love LOVE! Who would have thought that I could get so passionate about an ink pen?  But there you have it.  I love to draw and express whatever wants to emerge from inside me at the time.  The above photo is aContinue reading “Complexity in my life”

More on my love of geometry and line art

This blog is dedicated to my love of geometry and playing with line.  These images are works in progress.  Each piece takes hours to create but I love the process as I get thoroughly lost in what I am doing and things feel… just perfect for me as I explore my love of geometric art.Continue reading “More on my love of geometry and line art”

A little trip down 2004 Visual Diary Memory Lane

Where to start? I was having a look through some of my recent and much older visual diaries tonight and felt inspired to share some of my works with you.  A number of them are still works in progress and these are only progress shots.  They are also an indication of the type of themesContinue reading “A little trip down 2004 Visual Diary Memory Lane”

Watercolour coming into play

The above two drawings were completed in the last couple of weeks.  They are an intuitive expression of where I have been emotionally in that time. I have felt good about life and there has been more balance in my relationships. The butterfly is extremely symbolic for me and means a great deal to me.Continue reading “Watercolour coming into play”

Selina exploring her own Wonderland…

I’ve been sick this week, which means that I have been in bed either sleeping or resting on the couch.  As a nice bonus, I have had some time to draw and look what I discovered on the page! I love my unicorn. Believe it or not, this image was inspired by a clasp fromContinue reading “Selina exploring her own Wonderland…”

Selina’s Wonderland

I got myself this awesome A3 visual diary on Monday this week and decided that I would dedicate it to my very own Wonderland.  This image is the beginning page and the start of creative wonderland manifestations. I started this drawing with a mushroom in the center of the page and it grew into whatContinue reading “Selina’s Wonderland”

Introducing my love affair with line and geometric drawings

Today, I want to show you some of my visual diary playful creations.  This is where you will begin to see some themes appearing in my artwork. Back when I lived in Melbourne, I did a general drawing class as part of my art course and found that I had developed an absolute LOVE ofContinue reading “Introducing my love affair with line and geometric drawings”