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Learning a new creative skill

Last weekend, after doing some minimising of ‘stuff’ in my house, I wanted to do something creative and different. I wanted to learn a new skill.

So, I decided it was time to take the DSLR Camera (my friend owns it and I borrow it from time to time – he’s good to me like that) and start learning how to use it.

I went to my go-to creative learning site,, where I created and published my own online class to teach people how to draw using negative space, and looked for classes on photography.

I found a class that focused on teaching beginners how to use their DSLRs. I watched the start and learned how to use some of the manual features of the camera. Buttons, and dials and widgets that had intrigued me for some time but I’d never got around to working out what they were for.

So far I have watched just over half of the course. As I learned about shutter priority, aperture and ISO, I fiddled with the manual settings and had a go at taking a photo or two.

Here’s a couple of photos of Rocket. I know these photos are not professional in any sense of the word and I’m not even sure what settings I used but I love them!

I think I love these photos so much because they really capture the cute attentiveness of Rocket. These are the first photos I’ve taken of Rocket in a very long time where I have been able to capture what his face looks like.

Having a black poodle is one of the greatest things in my life – I treasure him. He is my loving and ever present companion and I want to take images of him as he is, showing his sweet face to the world.

This tiny creative success has inspired me to keep watching the course on and learning how to use the camera to take photos that I want in my life.

Also, learning a little bit of photography is a great way for my brain to rest after such an intense time of creative writing. I’ve found lately that my creative writing has slowed down and that I need to take a pause. To allow my creative writing bucket an opportunity to fill up again.

Learning a new creative skill helps to enhance all of my creative skills. And I get to share this with you too!

I’ve been cutting out the things in my life that no longer bring me joy or add value to my life. And I’ve been focusing on uncovering my highest values so I can live in accordance with them.

Creative expression is one of my highest values. I love being creative. Drawing. Writing. Painting. Mixed Media. Photography.

Each one of these creative activities helps me to take a breather from a fast paced world and allows me to see what is truly before me. Creative writing helps me to understand the human condition, as does reflective writing and journaling.

I am so grateful for creativity and the journey of continued self-expression.

If you haven’t tried something creative for a while, maybe it’s time to slow down the pace in your life and take a moment to put a creative desire into action.

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Creative Writing, Reviews and How-To Articles


Mixed Media Scrapbooking Canvas
Scrapbooking Canvas, Mixed Media Artist: Selina Shapland Created: June 2014

This image above is from a how-to article that I wrote from Craft Found, one of the Hub Garden sites.  It specifically focuses on scrapbooking techniques that can be incorporated into mixed media art on canvas.  Here is the link to the article if you want to see how I did it.

2014 has been a year of exploring different types of creativity for me.  This year, I have dedicated myself to my creative writing muse and she has been leading me down a new and creatively exciting path.

My writing has been a top priority for me and I have been spending time writing reflective articles, reviews and how-to articles on various Hub Garden sites, as well as reviews of businesses and services on Weekend Notes.

I have wanted to write a novel for a very long time and it wasn’t until May this year that I decided that I would put all other things aside and dedicate myself to making this dream come true.  So I have been writing my first draft on Wattpad, which you are welcome to read, comment on and follow if you are interested.  This is my first novel and book one in the Nephelem Journeys trilogy that has been living in my head for over 16 years.

Nephelem Journeys book one weaves together the fates of Mr Talbourt, Mother Dragon and Igrain Turner as they are pulled into a war between light and dark over the very essence of the Divine’s most beloved Children, humanity.  War is coming – who will win?

To be totally honest, I am having an absolute wonderful time writing the 1st draft and I have spent a great deal of my free time lost in this world that I am weaving on the page for you to read.  I have discovered that writing a novel is a big project and one that you have to love with all your heart and soul or you will give up.  I have learned that having faith in yourself and your story is way more important than listening to the negative inner voice that says you can’t do it or to those who would try to dash your hopes of becoming a published author.  In the end, their thoughts do not matter.  To write a novel, or to complete any creative/artistic project, you have to follow your heart and your inner muse to see it through and go with it through the darkest of times until you see the light of your creative expression manifest in the world.

I admit that I have spent more time writing this year than creating art, but in a way, writing is art so it feels just as expressive to me.

I have found that writing has a way of painting pictures in the minds of my audience and allows the reader to experience my world and imagination through their own senses, and that is pretty exciting to me.

This blog is about to change in a slight way.  I will be sharing more of my writing and my experiences with publishing and creating stories here as well as my art.  I have been making jewellery each month and this has been selling through Little Bear Brown Store, Redcliffe QLD, Australia.  I love seeing my artwork and my wearable art out there and I am grateful that people love what I make and decide to buy it for themselves.

That’s it from me for a little while.  I will write again soon.  Thank you for reading my blog update and please comment.  I would like to hear from you and continue to get to know you.