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Red Bubble and me

I am super excited to share that I have just opened up a Red Bubble shop. My artwork will be appearing on t-shirts, skirts, cushions, cups, journals, iPad covers, phone cases and all sorts of other useful items.

It has been a dream of mine to see my artwork out in the world and (hopefully) in the hands of people who appreciate it.

I am stoked to share this news with you!



Having an outlet to share my artwork in such a new way is very inspiring to me.

At present, I’ve only uploaded two pieces of my art but the awesome thing is … taking this action will encourage me to get back to my creative artwork. I’ve had a break for close to two years. It has been too long.

I love creative writing and I work on my stories every day but to see my artwork on t-shirts … well, I hope you can tell how exciting this is just by what I’ve written.

I’ve opened my Red Bubble shop under ShaplandArt because a long time ago when this blog was going through a previous incarnation, it was called ‘Selina’s World’ and I had ShaplandArt as my art brand name.

Anyway, here’s to creativity and sharing how it manifests in each of our lives.

Thanks so much for reading and for checking out my shop … if you’re interested, of course. And there are heaps of excellent artists on Red Bubble. Something for pretty much everyone.

Happy creativity – no matter the form is manifests in the world.


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Shapland Art Jewellery now available through Little Bear Brown

Little Bear Brown
Little Bear Brown Store

I am so happy to say that my these pieces are now for sale through Little Bear Brown Store, located at the Redcliffe Arcade in Queensland.

Mixed Cherry Quartz, Quartz, Rose Quartz, Fresh Water Pearls and Press Metal necklace
Created: 8/3/2014
Artist: Selina Shapland

It feels amazing to have items that I have made in a shop for sale.  I am very grateful.

I loved making the necklace and these earrings, especially as I am beginning to use more sterling silver in my jewellery.  I am so keen to learn precious metal clay and begin to create my own unique one-off pieces.  That’s my goal this year… to begin a new creative phase into precious metal clay and get my jewellery art out into the world where it is wearable.

I am in the process of moving house, so all my jewellery and art tools have been packed away and I cannot begin to express how hard it is not to run into the shed and rip them all back out of boxes just so I can spend time playing and creating.  I am now practicing the fine art of delayed art gratification!

When I get into my new home and have everything unpacked, I will be sending away to the USA to get my first lot of precious metal clay and a butane gas burner to commence my new creative phase.

Quartz Crystal with Gold Toned Hooks
Created: 8/3/2014
Artist: Selina Shapland

I know that when I start something new in art and creativity, I usually make mistakes and muff things up, but then, one-day, as if by magic, things just fall into place.

When I was in my early 20’s I used to yearn to be an artist but I didn’t know how to start or what to do.  I worked full-time and getting to art classes during the day was impossible but also terrifying… because I knew I couldn’t draw.

So, one day, I was with a good friend of mine and his brother was a practicing artist — I finally got up the courage to ask, ‘how do I become an artist?’

He looked at me for a moment considering my question and said, ‘just draw.  Just put pencil to paper and draw and draw and draw.’

At the time I didn’t think that was such great insight or advice, but now, years later, I can certainly say that he was 100% correct.  To learn something, you really do need to just do it and do it and do it, no matter how many mistakes or errors, they are all opportunities to learn, grow and improve.

Mixed Cherry Quartz with Sterling Silver Hooks
Created: 8/3/2014
Artist: Selina Shapland

This is the philosophy I will take into my next creative phase of making precious metal clay jewellery.  I will start out allowing myself to create crappy pieces and one-day they will just create themselves into beautiful expressions of my inner world.  That’s another thing that I love about art and jewellery… it is very reflective of who I am at the time of creating the pieces.  I can see where I was emotionally when I look at my artwork and jewellery.

The other night, I was reflecting on the amount of actual training I have had in beading… and I was surprised to learn that I have only ever attended one three hour class where I made a necklace and one pair of earrings.  Since that time, I have been complete self-taught and I am proud of that.  I have fiddled and played around with beads and made mistakes, got frustrated and been victorious with my jewellery projects.

I’ve been making beaded jewellery for about three years now and people seem to like most of the items.  I guess my creative heart is yearning again… yearning for more of ‘me’ to come out in my jewellery and that is why I will pursue my love of precious metal clay and create a reality out of my dreams.

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Little Bear Brown

Little Bear Brown Shop - Redcliffe, Qld, Australia
Home Decor – Gifts – Jewellery Boutique
Little Bear Brown

Recently, as I was sitting at my favourite coffee shop, Nerosso Cafe, down at the Redcliffe Jetty on the Peninsula where I live, I happened to see a sign that truly took my attention.  It was an image of a brown bear walking through the fields and the logo said ‘Little Bear Brown’.  I was intrigued.  There was something… special about that sign and I knew I had to go check out what it was about.

So, after coffee was done, my best friend and I went down to have a look and we found an exciting new boutique shop that retails home decor, gifts and jewellery.  While browsing, I got talking to the owner, Georgie, who is the loveliest person, about my art and selling items that are one-off. It was a great chat and I also purchased a laser cut owl necklace/pendant before leaving that day.  I get lots of compliments about this jewellery too.

Anyway, Georgie was making little pompoms for her shop display as we were chatting and I love that, as I love any form of creative expression and all the better when it is for something that represents your own unique-ness in the world.

Little Bear Brown Owner, Georgie
Little Bear Brown Owner, Georgie

As a result of this chat, I am proud to say that I have some beaded jewellery items selling through Little Bear Brown!  Thank you Georgie for supporting a local artist.  I am very grateful.

Apart from the small amount of items I have added to her shop collection, Little Bear Brown has candles, wallets, bags, hand-made items by Georgie, stunning laser cut jewellery from Polli (which I just had to buy and love wearing) and so much more.  There are very cool lamps available too – lambs, ducks, bunnies and there is even a very cool skull!

Little Bear Brown has only been open for four weeks and it is great to see many people going into this specialist boutique gift store and appreciating the items for sale.  It’s even more exciting to hear their positive comments as they have a closer look at the unique items available.  The energy of the shop is very warm and inviting and if you need something special for a gift (even if that gift is for yourself – all gift giving is valid in my world!), make sure you get down to Little Bear Brown.  All the products are fabulous and excellent quality.

Here are some images of what you can discover when you step into Little Bear Brown…

Little Bear Brown Shop - Shapland Art Jewellery Displayed
Little Bear Brown Shop – Shapland Art Jewellery Displayed
Little Bear Brown Wood beads and jewellery display
Little Bear Brown Wood beads and jewellery display
Little Bear Brown Wallets and Bag display
Little Bear Brown Wallets and Bag display
Little Bear Brown - Awesome Owl Art by Ella Mobbs
Little Bear Brown – Awesome Owl Art by Ella Mobbs

When I asked Georgie, how she got the name Little Bear Brown, she told me that they named it after their pet bull-dog, little Bear.  How cool is that!

I wanted to know where Georgie got the idea to set up such a great store? So, of course, I asked her.

Georgie said, “I wasn’t able to find the kinds of unique gifts that I wanted here on the Peninsula.  I would have to travel to go to shops that have these types of products. Off the Peninsula or Interstate.  So, seeing a gap in the market, I decided to open my own boutique gift store that filled this need.”

I admire Georgie for stepping out and creating something that she wanted.  It is inspirational to meet more people in the world who are not only chasing after their dreams but making them into a tangible reality.

Thank you Georgie for allowing me to write about Little Bear Brown.  I thoroughly recommend your shop and I wish you great and profitable abundance.

Little Bear Brown Store is exactly the type of business that I love to support because they are following their heart and obviously they love their own little Bear.

So if you want to know more about Little Bear Brown Store make sure you go to their Facebook page and ‘LIKE’ them and if you can visit in person, go check out the store at Jetty Arcade, 139 Redcliffe Parade, Redcliffe QLD.

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At the Bench – Online Jewellery Making Courses and Training for Jewellers

Recently, I have discovered a new creative passion and I am very much looking forward to investing some time into exploring Precious Metal Clay Jewellery making.

As I was flicking through a jewellery magazine, as I am want to do from time to time, I came across an ad for an online Jewellery Making self-paced subscribe course.  It’s called ‘At the Bench’ and they take you step by step through the experience of making jewellery from precious metal clays, resin and glass.

Of course, I joined up pronto as I have had a hidden passion and desire to create my own precious metal clay pieces of jewellery art and fully intend to jump into this wonderful new creative expression.  So, I will be saving up some spare cash to invest in the basics and get going with my own projects, which, of course, I will share with you here.

Here is a video from At The Bench.

This is an awesome resource for learning new creative skills and you might enjoy some creative play too!

Watch this space for some exciting new Selina’s World Creativity that will be coming your way.