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Visual Diary Art Play

It has been a while since I posted anything arty.  The reason is that I have been very fatigued in recent weeks.

However, last weekend, I got creative and played around in my visual diary for hours and hours.  This is an activity that I find refreshing and emotionally very good for me.  I encourage everyone to take a little leap into a creative world, whatever your chosen medium, because it is so so so good for you on more levels than can be counted.

Playing with a Steampunk theme in a scrapbooking style. Artist: Selina Shapland Created: 15/6/2014

I’ve been very drawn to the clockwork theme of Steampunk lately and enjoyed using spray ink, stamps, stencils and found printed images into one art piece.  I used a gel medium to seal the work and a lot of glue too.  It was heaps of fun.

On Saturday, I spent many hours playing with ink and black pen, stamps and stencils to begin creating what you can see below.

Butterfly Bliss Artist: Selina Shapland Created: 15/6/2014
Butterfly Bliss
Artist: Selina Shapland
Created: 15/6/2014

This drawing took approximately two days to draw up and colour in.  I thoroughly enjoyed creating ‘Butterfly Bliss’ and I am looking forward to where my new found love of mixed media will take my artistic expression.

Have a great day.