About Selina Shapland

Selina Shapland professional portrait by Studiostar Gold Coast
Selina Shapland ~ June 2018

Welcome to my creative world!

I’m always looking for the light in the darkness.

This is my blog about my creative exploration through writing, art, and my love of animals.

I am thrilled to share what I have learned with you.

I’ve been creating and playing with art for most of my adult life and have a deep love of genre fiction creative writing and reflective writing. It is a wonderful way to express myself and to release emotions so that I can share my world and imagination with you.

I love writing!

That means I also love reading. I particularly enjoy reading fantasy, paranormal fiction, thrillers and the odd bit of chic-lit when I come across a story that has a great voice to pull me in.

I live in Brisbane, Australia and I read every day, write almost every day and play with art when I feel drawn to putting pen to paper or brush to canvas.

The act of creating art, whether it is through drawing, photography or writing, is an act of exploration for me. I explore the human condition, spirituality, the paranormal, fantasy themes, healing my heart and animals in all forms of creativity.

I have two paranormal romance manuscripts in various pre-publication states of editing. One is resting and I am actively editing the other.

I’m in my 40s and have a lovely man in my life, two gorgeous dogs: one is a little black poodle called Rocket, and the other is a Jack Russell x, his name is Jack. I also have a beautiful, fluffy rag doll cat called Miss Poppy. All three of my fur-babies will feature on this blog as I collect my experiences and hope to add value to your life and experiences.

my furbabies

About creative writing:

I’ve been developing my creative writing skills for years but most recently, I have studied how to write a novel with David Farland from My Story Doctor. Further, I have undertaken writing work shops with Margie Lawson, Dean Wesley Smith and Lauren E Daniels, Director of Brisbane Writers Workshop. Lauren E Daniels is also a professional Senior Editor and author of the magnificent book, Serpent’s Wake: a Tale for the Bitten, published 2018.

I specialise in coaching people in leadership and creative endeavours.

I encourage you to comment and share my blog and any of the writing or art links that add value to your life. It is my hope that what I write here will resonate with you, provide insight, inspire you, encourage you and add value to your own creative life journey.

With love and a touch of creativity,


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