Jewellery Beading and Commissions!

Last week I put up a couple of my handmade beaded earrings for sale on the local classifieds at work and I am happy to say that I got commissioned for two necklaces and two sets of earrings.  Woot!

That’s such a good feeling.  To know that people appreciate my creative expression.

Below are a mixture of the commissioned pieces and others I am selling for you to check out.

Red Sassy
Red Sassy – Glass beaded necklace with gold toned metal toggle clasp
Created: 21/7/2013
Orange Beaded Necklace
Orange Beaded Necklace – glass, resin, ceramic and carnelian beads with Silver toned metal toggle clasp
Created: 21/7/2013
Orange Beaded Necklace
Orange Beaded Necklace – glass, resin, ceramic and carnelian beads with Silver toned metal toggle clasp
Created: 21/7/2013

All earrings created by me on 21/7/2013 using various beads including glass, resin, crystal, swarvoski, malachite and pressed items.  The findings are nickel free silver and gold tone metal with plastic ear backings.

Selina’s Wonderland

Selina's Wonderland
Black ink pens in visual diary
Created: July 2013

I got myself this awesome A3 visual diary on Monday this week and decided that I would dedicate it to my very own Wonderland.  This image is the beginning page and the start of creative wonderland manifestations.

I started this drawing with a mushroom in the center of the page and it grew into what you can see now.  I have been playing with this image for three days now and I am loving where it is going.

Have I mentioned how much I LOVE art?

Just sharing. 🙂


Introducing my love affair with line and geometric drawings

Today, I want to show you some of my visual diary playful creations.  This is where you will begin to see some themes appearing in my artwork.

Back when I lived in Melbourne, I did a general drawing class as part of my art course and found that I had developed an absolute LOVE of lines.  This quickly developed into a love of geometric shapes over the years between 2004 and 2013.

This top image seems to be one that a lot of people really like.  Personally, I am not sure why?  The reason is… to me it is a flop.  I turned out okay-ish but it wasn’t what I had wanted to create when I put pen to paper.  But I guess that is what happens with art.  Sometimes you just make what you make and it is in the eyes of the viewer as to what they think is great.

At the time that I put this up my Shapland Art Facebook Fan Page, I wrote this caption: ‘Life sometimes feels a bit on the blurry side, filled with colour, messages, hopes, dreams and sometimes the road is littered with broken dreams discarded as life experiences come to each of us. In the hardest of times, if one looks just a little closer there is positive opportunity for change, transformation and hope.  Sometimes I am trying to put the pieces of my life together and they don’t always fit… but I’m always watching for my own personal silver lining.’

I guess that sums up where I was at when I did this piece.

The blurred edge of reality drawing
‘The Blurred Edge of Reality’
Ink Pen with water wash in Visual Diary
Created: 13/3/2011

This image below has never been titled as I wouldn’t know where to begin.  All I can remember about the time that I was creating this piece was that I had just come through a relationship break up and finding myself again as a single woman.  I quite like the complexity in this piece.

Abstract drawing
Untitled – Ink pens, black, blue and red in visual diary
Created: 16/1/2011

Actually, all of the drawings below were completed around the time that I was re-connecting with myself as a single and empowered woman.  It was an intense but deeply healing experience to draw these images.  They took days to complete but oh so worth the effort.

Black ink pen circles
‘Falling together’
Black ink pen in my visual diary
Created: 4/1/2011

Another untitled image – no idea what I was thinking while drawing it.  I was just… ‘being’.

Abstract black pen drawing
Black ink pen in my visual diary
Created: 4/1/2011

And below is one of my fav pieces because of the simplicity in it.  I remember staring with a figure 8 and expanding outward.  All of my drawings here have morphed out of a single mark on the paper to become what you see now.  I rarely sit down to actually design them, they create themselves without my left-brain-ness dictating where things will go.  I think that is what I really truly love about lines and geometry — they are whatever they want to become.  The possibilities for creation are infinite to me.

Grace Forgiveness Humility black ink
‘Grace, Forgiveness, Humility’ – Black Ink Pen in Visual Diary
Created: 27/1/2011

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Yoda uses the Force!


This watercolour painting was created in 2011 and donated the 2012 Heart Art Show to help raise funds for Young Variety Children’s Charity.

I am happy to say that this one was purchased as part of the silent auction on the night.

Yoda is such an awesome character; short and wise.  Love him, I do.

Initially, I decided to draw up Yoda for a close friend of mine, however, at that time the art show came up as an opportunity for me to share some of my artwork.  So that was one of the reasons why I put Yoda up for silent auction.

It can be tough getting your art out there in the world but boy is it fantastic to see your work up on the wall for sale.

I remember feeling so vulnerable putting myself out there, but then, I thought it is better to put my art out into the world rather than keep it hidden in my art shed, so I made myself face my internal vulnerability and open myself up to the world.

I am sure that I am not the only artist that finds it challenging to put themselves out into the world and allow their artwork to become the viewers property.  Art, any type of creativity is an extremely personal externalised reflection of the soul and putting your heart and soul out into the world for people to see and comment on is scary.

But ‘the darkness.  Face, you must’.  So I have chosen to follow the guidance of Yoda.  He has such wisdom, surely I will be safe if I use the force to see the shadows of my soul?

Rhetorical questions, all opportunities to step into my courage.

Thank you Yoda for reminding me that there is ‘do or do not do, there is no try’ and all that kind of wisdom.  You Rock!

Eyes, Owls and Animal love

Artistically, I am incredibly inspired by nature, especially animals.  They have so much to express and in a way when I draw or paint them I see myself reflected through them.

Owls are a favourite bird for me.  I have been fascinated by their stealth, wise eyes and the graceful beauty that they carry with such magnificence.  Many years ago, I used to go to Borders in Melbourne and spend hours looking through one big photograph book on owls.  It was stunning and I think I have been in love with the wisdom that the owl represents to me for most of my adult life.


One of my very first oil paintings was an owl portrait.  I still have it.  It is not the image above.  The one above was just drawn freehand this morning with fabric paint marker and SoSoft Fabric paint on un-gessoed canvas.  I plan to create a bag out of this piece of canvas once the paint has dried.

As I was drawing this image, the eyes of the owl were the feature for me.  They are the windows of the soul as they say and I find this to be particularly true of owls.  I have a love of drawing and painting eyes which has developed into a creative obsession over the years and so any animal, in particular, that I connect with through their eyes will eventually feature somewhere in my creative art work journey.

ImageThis image above was a painting done in acrylic and oils.  All of them are animal eyes.  Unfortunately I no longer have this painting due to damage while moving.  But I did love creating it.

When I was in art school back when I lived in Melbourne, I discovered a love for eyes, lines and animals in particular.  They have become a constant theme in my life’s artistic journey, so I am sure you will see more as time goes by.

I want to encourage you to create, even if you feel you cannot.  I did not take up art as a hobby until I was 25 years old.  This was because when I was in my early teens, I had to do a speech at high school on a famous artist and there were some guys in the class that told me how boring I was.  That was the day I put down my love of art and decided that I couldn’t do it.

Of course, I did not realise at the time that I was allowing their comments to direct my life and I had owned their comments, thinking that I was terrible at art and that this was the last thing I could ever do… all from a comment about a speech I gave and had worked really hard to do.

It seems silly now when I reflect on why I gave up art and felt myself unable to be creative… and that is the reason why I want to encourage everyone to indulge in their creative sides no matter what your medium is.

I have learned over the years of going from drawing symbols to drawing what is in front of me that I have sold myself short.  Art is a skill that can be learned and you do not have to have talent as such to do it, but you do need to be persistent and give yourself permission to do it badly at first.

I have found this in myself and I am sure that I am not the only person who thinks their creative work is not good enough or can be too sensitive to the opinions of others… I have learned that art is about the reflection of who you are becoming day by day, moment by moment and that drawing badly is all part of the process.  It is an invaluable part of the creative process because one day you just stop and realise – wow, I did that! and the image is beautiful to you and other people.

So… the wisdom of an owl in my mind is to see the current step now as an opportunity to learn, grow and become what it is that you want to be in your life.  To let yourself be faulty and make mistakes; to celebrate your imperfections which are beautiful character building opportunities and to fail as often as you can, but keep giving it a go, as that is when you will see yourself take off in flight!

Make sure you check out my online art reference shop here on Selina’s World blog and get some reference books to help you to develop your own creative self – no matter what level you aspire to.

Green Glass Beads – A necklace and more…

Green Glass Bead Necklace

I was feeling a little bead inspiration today.  Green seemed to be the colour I was most attracted to during my creative moments.  I couldn’t resist diving into my beads and playing around to create little pieces of beauty to share with you.

Just sharing the creative spirit.


I loved the seahorse and got it through Etsy a long time ago.  Tonight, I felt inspired to glue beads and crystals on it to begin to bring the pendant to life.


Green glass earrings to match the necklace.  I love this green.  It feels so comforting and healing for me.


My mum has a huge love of horse shoes and has ever since I can remember.  She went crazy and bought me heaps of the little good luck symbols for me to play with.  So I have combined the good luck of the horse shoes with green for prosperity and abundance.


Butterflies are my favourite symbol and so I had to use some charms to create these little earrings.  So sweet and they have a message on the other side that says ‘created for you’.  So sweet.
IMG_4566Angels, but not just any angels… this is Uriel and Gabriel – Arch Angels!

Yes, they are both inscribed.  I love these two.  I’m keeping them to wear myself as both of the Arch Angels are close to my heart. I love what they represent.

Happy creativity to you.  Let me know your thoughts and if you’re interested in purchasing any of the above (apart from the Angels) let me know.  Thank, S


Planting a seed of hope in the dirt

Black pen on newsprint 31/6/2013
Black pen on newsprint

It’s been a while since I have really immersed myself in some artwork as I have been focusing on getting some other businesses up and running and fundraising.  But tonight I realised that it was time for me to recharge my emotional and spiritual batteries… so I took my black pen and little newsprint pad of paper upstairs, sat on the couch and while the TV was burbling in the background, I began to sketch.

I had no particular type of drawing in my mind at the time of putting pen to paper.  I just started by creating a heart that morphed into a circle, a leaf and a flower.  Before I knew it, the drawing you see above burst off the page to reflect back at me some of the changes I have been making inside myself lately.

This drawing represents the personal and professional growth I have been going through.  Symbolically this drawing represents the transition from feeling so confused about life, feeling directionless, fumbling around in the darkness to planting a seed of hope in the dirt and allowing life to begin to sprout through careful nurturing.  I feel like my life is starting to bloom in many ways, in ways that I have always dreamed would happen and never truly thought would happen.

My heart desires more… fulfilment in life and connection with the things that truly matter to me.  I no longer want to be everything to everyone else, always trying to please others, living up to other people’s unspoken expectations and failing fantastically.  It’s too much pressure and I feel that my soul is calling me to embrace the silent simplicity that nature inspires.  I do not know where this will take me, yet, I feel like I have stepped into a phase of my life where I am beginning to slew away the rubbish and externally imposed yet too well internalised shackles that have bound me throughout my life.

I am tired of being a people pleaser and yet, I want to be a good person, loving and kind.  However, I am sure that I can be all those things without losing my soul to slavery of external expectations.

Please feel free to comment and let me know if you go through any of these things too.


Hairy Monster Bag…

Last night I had an inspirational moment and decided to create a bag.  Yes, it was one of those moments where the creative itch took me out shopping where I randomly picked up things that interested me and then allowed it to create itself.

I’ve been thinking a lot that I would like to show a creation in the making with progress photos, so I decided to photo-document the creative process to share with you.

Here is how it all came about…


While wandering aimlessly through Lincraft I was taken with this Fat Quarter fabric that many people use to do quilting and fancy things like that.  I couldn’t resist the colours in the fabric, so I picked up a quarter and bought it having absolutely no idea what I would do with it.  The fire-like colours attracted me in a way I cannot explain.  The colours speak to me and I felt invited to create something with the fabric.

As the afternoon progressed, I kept seeing a visual of a hairy bag and as I had faux fur from creating collectable teddy bears, I thought, ‘hmmm… why not give it a go!’

IMG_4491  IMG_4489

So I got my tracing paper out, a ruler and a circle drawing thingy which I can’t remember the name of right now and created a simple pattern.


This is the faux fur that I had used for a teddy bear recently.  It’s super fluffy, furry and lush.  I love it.

I cut out the pattern, cut out the fur, the lining from iron on interfacing and the inner bag from the Fat Quater.  I dug out my sewing machine that my mum bought for me when I was 16 years old.  Yes, that’s right, I still use my Janome from my teenage years.  So… it’s about… 24 years oldish. Whoa! And still going.  Awesome huh!

Thanks mum for buying my sewing machine for me all those years ago.  I’ve dragged it all over the east coast of Australia with me and it has deep sentimental value to me.  I love my mum!

IMG_4503I ironed the interfacing onto the back of the Fat Quarter fabric and got on my sewing machine, zipping it together while dancing to my fave music.  Yes, I sew standing up.  It’s just easier for me to stand than to sit hunched over.

IMG_4509The inside of the bag is shown above before I started to sew it to the faux fur.

IMG_4505Faux fur flap and inner fabric ready to go!


Added my ‘Shapland Art’ label so that it is an authentic original by me. 🙂  I love sewing my own label onto my work.  It’s a fantastic feeling to know that my name is on my work.  Not in an egotistical way, but in a… I feel good about myself kind of way.


Here’s a photo of my hairy bag sewn together inside and out with the label showing.  That’s my hand and it may just be the leanest part of me! 😉 ha!


This is where I got to at the end of the night, after cutting, sewing, singing (slightly off-key) and dancing in my creative shed.  Of course, it’s not finished yet, but the bag is together and this is a photo of what it looks like with the flap open.  Once it was all sewn together I realised just how hairy it was/is and decided that I had better let my imagination go to work on creating a special kind of feature to bring it to life in a holistic way.  So I went to bed to see what my dreams would reveal.


I woke up thinking about my bag however I still did not have an idea for finishing it.  But the more I looked at the hairiness of the bag and the way the flap opens, I kept seeing a monster in it.  That’s when I decided that I loved the idea of the bag having monster features and made a gargoyle nose and teeth out of sculpey.  I’m not sure if I will add the teeth just yet, but it can’t hurt to have them made and ready to go.  Inside my head and in my imagination the bag reminds me a lot of the book in Harry Potter where it tries to bite him.  😉

I haven’t glued the nose or teeth onto the bag yet as I have decided that I need to make some ears, a handle and add some big eyes too.

So my Hairy Monster Bag is a work in progress; a lot like me! 🙂

Tapestry of life – a work in progress


This is a painting that I have been working on for months now.  This is a progress photo.  I’ve used acrylics and impasto medium to get the texture and today, I have spent time mixing white oils with linseed oil to layer over it.

The photo doesn’t really do it justice… I think that this painting will take a lot longer to complete as I am making it up as I go along.

When I look at it though, I feel like it is a representation of the tapestry of life and the many interconnections we each have when we relate to other people, animals and nature.  I feel peaceful when I am working on this painting and maybe that is because it is neutral.  In a way, I feel it represents the divine force of life inside me, reflecting back to me the layers and depths that I have yet to discover.

Fascinating stuff.  I do love art!


This is an up close image of the artwork before the oils have layered onto it as the first image is a bit hard to see.

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