Life and the act of creative writing

When life becomes stressful for me, one of the things I thoroughly enjoy doing is throwing my characters into conflict infested scenarios.  Then I sit there and wonder … how on earth are they going to get through this? Sometimes writing fiction is as challenging as navigating life itself. Life’s been very stressful for meContinue reading “Life and the act of creative writing”

Embracing Imperfection

It takes courage to love yourself exactly the way you are! This week, I turned 44 years old. I have also just finished watching a fascinating documentary called, Embrace. The documentary gave me an opportunity to stop long enough to appreciate who I am and my body for the fantastic expression of Selina-ness that itContinue reading “Embracing Imperfection”

‘Pause’ … Writer’s little helper

Tonight, on my way home from my day job, I fell into Kikki.K and purchased a gorgeous new writing pen and this fabulous ‘Pause’ 3 minute hourglass.  You can see them in the photo above with my new journal, and Miss Poppy, my sweet nine month old ragdoll kitten.  She’s inspecting them all for qualityContinue reading “‘Pause’ … Writer’s little helper”