Life Drawing

Recently, I decided it was time to start sharpening my observation and drawing skills. So, I did a bit of research and found a fortnightly life drawing class held in Caloundra, Queensland. I’ve been to two sessions so far. The first one had a male model the second had a female model. They were greatContinue reading “Life Drawing”

Dragon Sketching

I took some time out today to start sketching some dragons. It was a lot of fun to get back into my art and enjoy the process of creating on the page. Below are some photos of my first dragon portrait. It’s an idea that I’m developing and hope to create a far more intricateContinue reading “Dragon Sketching”

Art-ing again

I’ve had a big break from drawing, painting and pretty much anything that equates to visual art. But recently, I’ve needed to feel my pen and pencil glide across the page and see immediate results of my creativity in action. Writing novels is great fun but it is a long (and sometimes lonely) process. IContinue reading “Art-ing again”

Dream Interpretation, Art & Writing

I’m starting this blog post off with some shameless self-promotion. Today I got inspired and made a youtube video on how you can use dream interpretation to help you with your art and writing.  Or … at the very least, I had a go at it. Here’s the video. I had loads of fun makingContinue reading “Dream Interpretation, Art & Writing”

Failure is not Failure – Reframing Mindset

As I read the above quote from Uriel’s Gift, I took a moment to look back on some of my own failures and how they have helped me to course correct, to learn, to grow and to take bold steps toward fulfilling my creative dreams. When I first allowed myself to dedicate time to beingContinue reading “Failure is not Failure – Reframing Mindset”

Inspired by the Nightmare before Christmas artwork

I was inspired by a tattoo that I happened to find while flicking through a magazine and decided to use it as a jumping off point for a new painting.  The above painting is the result: “A new romance,”created on 29/6/2015, acrylic paints on stretched canvas. As I was painting this piece, I started with the girl.Continue reading “Inspired by the Nightmare before Christmas artwork”

Creative Writing, Reviews and How-To Articles

  This image above is from a how-to article that I wrote from Craft Found, one of the Hub Garden sites.  It specifically focuses on scrapbooking techniques that can be incorporated into mixed media art on canvas.  Here is the link to the article if you want to see how I did it. 2014 hasContinue reading “Creative Writing, Reviews and How-To Articles”

More on my love of line

Let me take you into my world and my love of line… Below are images of line inspired ink drawings that I create or rather, they create themselves through me. If you are a follower of my blog, then you probably already know how much I love line.  As I have said in the past,Continue reading “More on my love of line”

Like an apple in the ocean

  There are days when I feel like an apple tossed mercilessly in the ocean. I suppose this is just life.  I feel frustrated.  I feel creatively constipated.  I feel stuck and yet at the same time thrown from one idea to another as I try to sift through everything that has been coming atContinue reading “Like an apple in the ocean”