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Yes. I can!

'Yes.  I can!' Created: 3/8/2013 Artist: Selina Shapland
‘Yes. I can!’
Created: 3/8/2013
Artist: Selina Shapland

Yesterday, I had an overwhelming urge to sit for hours and play in my visual dairy.  I started with the outline of a circle and absolutely no idea what I was going to create.  All I knew what that I HAD to put pen to paper.

Many hours later this image appeared with the words ‘yes i can’ weaved into the image.  I rarely use text in my images but these words kept floating around inside my head as I was contemplating life and where I want to go.  I’ve felt a little frustrated lately and stuck… But yesterday, I felt like I can make changes, I can do it – whatever ‘it’ really is – and I can make the life I want happen for me.

This image is very symbolic of the hidden depths I have inside me and how I have, at times, hidden my own beauty from the world.  Yet, now I feel that I am ready to begin to grow.  Ready to share some of who I am and be okay with letting life in.

Yes.  Yes, I can.

How cool would it be to feel safe enough to say ‘yes’ to all the good things and feel worthy of accepting them…

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Selina exploring her own Wonderland…

Drawing in my new A3 Visual Diary.
Created: 29/7/2013
Artist: Selina Shapland

I’ve been sick this week, which means that I have been in bed either sleeping or resting on the couch.  As a nice bonus, I have had some time to draw and look what I discovered on the page!

I love my unicorn.

Believe it or not, this image was inspired by a clasp from a beaded bracelet that I made a week ago.  I love black ink pens and this drawing just came to life.

I am not sure if it is truly finished.  Maybe there is more, maybe not.  That’s the thing that I love about creative expression, I just need to wait and let it come as it is meant to be…

But my creativity didn’t stop there.

I have another drawing to share with you that is below…

Untitled Drawing in my A3 Visual Diary
Created: 1/8/2013
Artist: Selina Shapland

I am not sure what to title this one, but I was watching Supernatural as I was doodling around in my A3 diary and this is what came out.

I think it is very symbolic of new life, opportunity and the creative life force that is inside all of us at all times.

I think it shows a protective quality in the thorns as they safe guard the nurturing internal creative process in the middle.

Again… I am not sure if this one is truly finished, but I am sure that will be revealed when the time is right.

I have to say… this was a crap drawing at first and I really did not like it.  I was so disappointed in the beginning but then, out of no-where it transformed into what you can now see.

And that is why I love art.  It is a process which is very symbolic of my life and the way that I process events inside myself.  I let things be messy and messed up.  I wonder how I will ever make it through the moment and then somehow things just work out.  I love that.  I truly do love that.

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Introducing my love affair with line and geometric drawings

Today, I want to show you some of my visual diary playful creations.  This is where you will begin to see some themes appearing in my artwork.

Back when I lived in Melbourne, I did a general drawing class as part of my art course and found that I had developed an absolute LOVE of lines.  This quickly developed into a love of geometric shapes over the years between 2004 and 2013.

This top image seems to be one that a lot of people really like.  Personally, I am not sure why?  The reason is… to me it is a flop.  I turned out okay-ish but it wasn’t what I had wanted to create when I put pen to paper.  But I guess that is what happens with art.  Sometimes you just make what you make and it is in the eyes of the viewer as to what they think is great.

At the time that I put this up my Shapland Art Facebook Fan Page, I wrote this caption: ‘Life sometimes feels a bit on the blurry side, filled with colour, messages, hopes, dreams and sometimes the road is littered with broken dreams discarded as life experiences come to each of us. In the hardest of times, if one looks just a little closer there is positive opportunity for change, transformation and hope.  Sometimes I am trying to put the pieces of my life together and they don’t always fit… but I’m always watching for my own personal silver lining.’

I guess that sums up where I was at when I did this piece.

The blurred edge of reality drawing
‘The Blurred Edge of Reality’
Ink Pen with water wash in Visual Diary
Created: 13/3/2011

This image below has never been titled as I wouldn’t know where to begin.  All I can remember about the time that I was creating this piece was that I had just come through a relationship break up and finding myself again as a single woman.  I quite like the complexity in this piece.

Abstract drawing
Untitled – Ink pens, black, blue and red in visual diary
Created: 16/1/2011

Actually, all of the drawings below were completed around the time that I was re-connecting with myself as a single and empowered woman.  It was an intense but deeply healing experience to draw these images.  They took days to complete but oh so worth the effort.

Black ink pen circles
‘Falling together’
Black ink pen in my visual diary
Created: 4/1/2011

Another untitled image – no idea what I was thinking while drawing it.  I was just… ‘being’.

Abstract black pen drawing
Black ink pen in my visual diary
Created: 4/1/2011

And below is one of my fav pieces because of the simplicity in it.  I remember staring with a figure 8 and expanding outward.  All of my drawings here have morphed out of a single mark on the paper to become what you see now.  I rarely sit down to actually design them, they create themselves without my left-brain-ness dictating where things will go.  I think that is what I really truly love about lines and geometry — they are whatever they want to become.  The possibilities for creation are infinite to me.

Grace Forgiveness Humility black ink
‘Grace, Forgiveness, Humility’ – Black Ink Pen in Visual Diary
Created: 27/1/2011

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