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Transitions in love

Transitions in love Created: 26/1/2014 Artist: Selina Shapland
Transitions in love
Created: 26/1/2014
Artist: Selina Shapland

Yesterday, I had an urge to go out and buy myself a lovely big pad of paper, which I did.  I found a sharpie that I fell in love with, so that came home with me too and that was when I put pen to paper.

The above drawing created itself on the page and I have called it ‘Transitions in love’.  It represents the love that I am feeling right now in my life.  There is a simplicity and deep, indefinable beauty to what I have been experiencing since I met Dave.  He has enriched my life and I am hopeful that I am enriching his life in the best possible way too.

Love is a funny thing.  It is romantic at first but after a time, it can transition from the surface experience to something deep, profound and intense.  That is what I call ‘mature love’.  That is the kind of love that understands that we are not perfect and is forgiving.  It is an unselfish love and one that only grows deeper with the passage of the seasons.

This is the love that I want most in my life.  I do very much enjoy the honey moon stage of love and romance, but in the end, I want the love that grows with me on a daily basis.

In my experience, I have gone through a few relationships and flings, even though, during the flings I never once thought that was what was happening.  They kind of happened to me.  As I have learned life lessons about love, I have learned a great deal about who I am and how I relate to the other person and myself.  I have learned to be alone and to love myself without the ‘other’ there to provide validation.  I have learned to love the single life and now I am learning to love the couple life in a new and deeply wonderful way with the right man for me.

It took a few emotional wake up calls to bring me to understand what mature love offers and I am grateful for every single lesson, even the lessons that shattered my heart to the core.  Each time that I have shattered, I have taken time to see what I have been taught and found the kernel of opportunity to be more ready for the right man to come into my life.  In hindsight, I know that every experience I have been through has played an important and pivotal role in developing me into the person I am today.

I am glad to say that I am ready for mature and balanced love in my life now.

Love has a way of uncovering insecurities but it also has a way of reassuring us that we are valuable beyond measure.

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Doodling in my Art Diary

New Beginnings butterfly on heart filled with flowers
‘New Beginnings’
Coloured Ink Pens in my Visual Diary
Created: 23/12/2013
Artist: Selina Shapland

Well, it’s that time of year again.  The time to reflect on what we have achieved and what we might want to achieve in the coming year of 2014.

2013 has been a pretty good year for me.  I have created a lot of arty stuff including drawings, some paintings and jewellery.

I met the man of my dreams and now have a lovely relationship with him.  He works with animals and cares for the wildlife at a local zoo in Australia.  So, thanks 2013 for finally bringing him into my life.  I’ve been waiting for at least 3 years to meet this guy, probably a whole lot longer, but it was worth the wait.

So, my drawings are very reflective of the love I find myself soaking up at this point in time.  I do love this part of ‘falling in love’ with someone.  It’s that time when there are many new beginnings which seems appropriate, given that the world is about to transition into another new year.  My drawings are beginning to fill with flowers and love hearts, white space and colours that speak to me on a deep level.  I like the simplicity of what I have been doodling lately and I look forward to seeing where this type of doodling will go.

I don’t know if I have mentioned my keen interest in creative writing, but I do have one.  The problem I have is that I seem to block myself from taking the ideas that I want to develop into a story and putting it down in a written form.  I’m pretty good at reflective writing, but when it comes to writing from a Character’s point of view… well, I seem to have creative constipation.  It surely can’t be just me, can it?

So, 2014 is my year to explore my creative writing side a little more thoroughly.  I hope to find the key that will unlock the creative fictional secrets of my heart so that I can write something, anything, even if it is complete crap.  That would be way better than driving myself slowly insane wondering how to write something good.

Ocean of Flowers in a yin yang style drawing
‘Ocean of Flowers’
Coloured Ink pens in my Visual Diary
Created: 26/12/2013
Artist: Selina Shapland

So, here’s to new beginnings.  New goals to take baby steps towards achieving in 2014.  I want to develop my creative writing and have enrolled in a mini-creative writing course to run mid-January 2014 and I am jotting down little ideas in my journal on a daily basis, even if they are random and cliche – hey, I have got to start somewhere, don’t I?

The thing about cliche ideas is that I think they can be a jumping off point rather than something for me to get stuck in.  It’s a bit like the art scene… sometimes you see the same style of art over and over again, or even with some actors, they seem to act the same no matter how different their characters or the story lines are.  Yet there are many stories, actors and artists out there that consistently reinvent themselves and spin something new from an old and overused cliche that freshens things up for us.

I think I might be rambling here.  Maybe it was too much Christmas Cheer yesterday and food, oh the food… I think 2014 will see me hitting the gym on a regular basis to work off my newly acquired ‘life style’.  I say that while rubbing my pudding tummy!

Hope you are having a fabulous holiday season and are spoilt with love, presents and good food.

May the in-between spaces of transitioning from the old year to the new year bring you deep reflections that see you achieve your personal dreams and become all that you can be in life!

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Watercolour coming into play

Watercolour and black ink drawing
Created: 1/10/2013
Artist: Selina Shapland
Transitions of life and love
Created: 19/10/2013
Artist: Selina Shapland

The above two drawings were completed in the last couple of weeks.  They are an intuitive expression of where I have been emotionally in that time.

I have felt good about life and there has been more balance in my relationships.

The butterfly is extremely symbolic for me and means a great deal to me.  It symbolises opening up and becoming a new me, letting life and love into my world.  I am excited to see where these types of drawings will take me.

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Divine Love

This oil painting took me years to paint.  I have a deep love for Egyptian theology and the love story of Isis and Osiris.

An expression of divine love
Created: 2008 and finished 2012
Artist: Selina Shapland

In 2008, this painting was originally inspired by a broken heart.  I think I must be a big romantic!

Anyway, I fell for a guy who was a very different faith to me and although we both had faith in something greater than ourselves, it was dogma that came between us.  So when this love tryst finished, I put my love and creative energy into this painting.

Over the years, this painting has seen many layers and changes from conveying a coldness to this passionate and loving image now.  As I painted this canvas, I remember spending a lot of time reliving emotions that opened my heart and allowed my love to spill forth.  It was as though I was emotionally transported into the painting and time meant nothing to me.  It was a sacred act of painting, something beautiful and indefinable that happened between myself and that which appeared on the canvas.

I love the warm passion in the image now.  I still have the painting with me and when I look at it, I think how the act of love making can be a passionate and sacred act of expressing love between two beings.  I love the relationship between Isis and Osiris where she pieced him back together after he had been torn apart by Seth.

I love that Isis fashioned a phallus out of gold, allowing them to make love and create new life through Horus.  It is tragic in a way because Osiris dies after their last moments of passion and expressions of love.  In a symbolic manner Osiris dies only to be reborn through his ‘seed’ which is Horus, the Son.

As with all my artwork, there is deep meaning.  Layers and layers of symbology goes into what I create.  I ponder the story and how it relates to my life and to life in general.  This painting also symbolically represents the transitions of life, the cycles that humans and nature go through, being birth, life, experiences that shape us and death, only to become one with the earth again and transition from one form to another.

Divine Love, Isis and Osiris touch, meld together in a union of one-ness to create new life and renewal.  I love it, deeply.

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Surfer 2009

This painting brings back so many memories for me.  I am not a surfer, although I gave it a go back in 2009.  I couldn’t even sit on the board in the water without sliding down the end and into the gorgeous ocean!

Oil painting of a surfer inside a wave
Created: 2009
Artist: Selina Shapland

I was dating a guy who really loved the ocean and was into surfing.  He loved art and so I created this painting for him as a birthday gift. I’m happy he still has this painting (as far as I know?!).

This painting represents love, freedom and the thrill of doing what makes you revel in this beautiful world of ours.

It also once represented love lost in my internal world, until I came to realise that love is a gift in my life regardless of the length of time that it is there for.  We chose to walk different life paths but I am grateful for the way we laughed together and that we are still pretty good friends.

Until I began to write about what this painting means to me, I did not realise the depth of meaning it still has for me.  Such a strange realisation.  I put a lot of love into this painting because I loved him and because I wanted to share a special part of myself with him through an image that meant something special to him.

I guess I am a romantic at heart…

Symbolically this Surfer represents love, freedom and the greatest joy a person can feel in life!