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Art and Jewellery Update

I am pretty excited to show you my latest beaded necklaces and to share with you that I now have the butane gas ready to go to begin my precious metal clay journey of creativity.  I can hardly contain my excitement of where this journey is going to take me.

Malacite, glass, hematite necklace Created: 1/4/2014 Artist: Selina Shapland

Here are some images of my newest beaded necklaces – I hope to be displaying my first silver clay pieces as I learn to incorporate my art into jewellery.  I aim to make unique one-off pieces, so I think it is going be quite exciting!

Malacite necklace from behind showing you the sterling silver, antique curl clasp that I had sent over from the USA to incorporate into this design.

And here is my onyx and quartz crystal beaded necklace with figure 8 clasp.  I love this necklace as I have had the red ceramic beads for quite some time, waiting for just the right semi-precious beads to come along.  And now they have a place in the world!

Onyx and Quartz Crystals with Red Ceramic beads Created: 30/3/2014 Artist: Selina Shapland
Onyx and Quartz Crystals with Red Ceramic beads
Created: 30/3/2014
Artist: Selina Shapland

And here is the back of the necklace.

At the back you can see the figure 8 clasp, seed beading work and some swarovski crystals to set it off.


I will be posting a blog shortly about a fabulous local Artist, Karryn Lesley whom I had the pleasure of interviewing last Wednesday evening.  I have recorded our conversation and will be creating  podcast to share with you all.  She is a magnificent artist and has just started up her own studio where she sells her artwork to people for affordable prices and they are being purchased before she has finished creating them on the easel.

So make sure you catch my next blog.  I will be cutting the audio this weekend and hope to have it live with images of Karryn’s work up here next week.  It is extremely exciting for me to share this with you.

Thanks for stopping by.


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The call of the inner owl!

This afternoon, I had an itch to draw.  I had a call from my inner owl muse and so, who am I not to follow my inner creative spirit!

That was when my pencils, butchers paper and soft pastels came out of retirement for an hour of fun.

Here are the image’s of the female Barking Owl I have just completed freehand.  I don’t trace any images, so this is all my own hand-eye connection.

Barking Owl
Created: 22/2/2014
Artist: Selina Shapland, Shapland Art

I absolutely loved drawing this barking owl.  She just pops off the page now.  I started out with colour pencils and built her up with them before I broke out my soft pastels.

It was so much fun to play with my soft pastels.  I had forgotten how much I love to get all dusty and dirty with these rich colours.

I put my music on loud and danced around my creative space while I was drawing this piece.  I love it when the creative spirit flows through me and onto the page like this one did.

I might have to frame this piece.  I feel so happy every time I look at it.  And the eyes follow me around the room.

Have I mentioned that I love drawing and painting animal eyes yet?  Of course I have!

Animal eyes are so expressive and honestly beautiful to me.