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Yes. I can!

'Yes.  I can!' Created: 3/8/2013 Artist: Selina Shapland
‘Yes. I can!’
Created: 3/8/2013
Artist: Selina Shapland

Yesterday, I had an overwhelming urge to sit for hours and play in my visual dairy.  I started with the outline of a circle and absolutely no idea what I was going to create.  All I knew what that I HAD to put pen to paper.

Many hours later this image appeared with the words ‘yes i can’ weaved into the image.  I rarely use text in my images but these words kept floating around inside my head as I was contemplating life and where I want to go.  I’ve felt a little frustrated lately and stuck… But yesterday, I felt like I can make changes, I can do it – whatever ‘it’ really is – and I can make the life I want happen for me.

This image is very symbolic of the hidden depths I have inside me and how I have, at times, hidden my own beauty from the world.  Yet, now I feel that I am ready to begin to grow.  Ready to share some of who I am and be okay with letting life in.

Yes.  Yes, I can.

How cool would it be to feel safe enough to say ‘yes’ to all the good things and feel worthy of accepting them…

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Selina exploring her own Wonderland…

Drawing in my new A3 Visual Diary.
Created: 29/7/2013
Artist: Selina Shapland

I’ve been sick this week, which means that I have been in bed either sleeping or resting on the couch.  As a nice bonus, I have had some time to draw and look what I discovered on the page!

I love my unicorn.

Believe it or not, this image was inspired by a clasp from a beaded bracelet that I made a week ago.  I love black ink pens and this drawing just came to life.

I am not sure if it is truly finished.  Maybe there is more, maybe not.  That’s the thing that I love about creative expression, I just need to wait and let it come as it is meant to be…

But my creativity didn’t stop there.

I have another drawing to share with you that is below…

Untitled Drawing in my A3 Visual Diary
Created: 1/8/2013
Artist: Selina Shapland

I am not sure what to title this one, but I was watching Supernatural as I was doodling around in my A3 diary and this is what came out.

I think it is very symbolic of new life, opportunity and the creative life force that is inside all of us at all times.

I think it shows a protective quality in the thorns as they safe guard the nurturing internal creative process in the middle.

Again… I am not sure if this one is truly finished, but I am sure that will be revealed when the time is right.

I have to say… this was a crap drawing at first and I really did not like it.  I was so disappointed in the beginning but then, out of no-where it transformed into what you can now see.

And that is why I love art.  It is a process which is very symbolic of my life and the way that I process events inside myself.  I let things be messy and messed up.  I wonder how I will ever make it through the moment and then somehow things just work out.  I love that.  I truly do love that.