Working with Selina was an absolute game changer for me. She is a thoughtful and considerate coach, and asked all the right questions to ensure I had the best plan to start working from. 

I’ll certainly be back to work with her again and I highly recommend her to all authors of any experience level. You won’t be disappointed.

Pamela Jeffs, author of Wilder.

Working with Selina as a coach is a great experience. Selina is a good listener who offers constructive and honest feedback. She has inspired me at times when I am convinced my story is not worth continuing. Her perspectives on character and point of view have been so useful to my storytelling. I look forward to working with her further on stories I am developing. 

Robyn Ede, Brisbane, Australia

Selina went above and beyond for me. From the first, she was encouraging, enthusiastic, and knowledgeable. She gave me invaluable notes on my manuscript, many positive, and many constructive, that helped me shape up my book for submission. She was extremely communicative and thoughtful and took great care of my work (and my ego!) at every step. I could NOT have written a synopsis without her! If you want someone dedicated to the craft of storytelling and writing, Selina is your person. 

Dana Lotito, New York City, USA

Selina is professional, authentic and honest. I have found working with her to be an enjoyable and exciting learning experience. I have developed a sense of clarity within my writing skills as an author that has allowed me to gain more knowledge and confidence within my work. When sharing your creative work, you want someone who you can trust, is experienced and knowledgeable in overcoming obstacles that allow you to move closer to your creative goal. Selina has done this through breaking down complex ideas with simple, effective solutions that lead to beneficial outcomes. Without the support and knowledge, I have gained from Selina, I wouldn’t be able to move forward with my creative goal in writing my novel.

Nakita S, Darwin, Australia


Blueprint for a novel
– work through the blueprint for a novel and build a strong foundation for your novel
– 1:1 (60 minute) zoom call included to go through feedback with clarity on next steps

2 chapter Manuscript evaluation with editorial letter
– receive feedback on what’s working and insight into the opportunities to improve the opening pages, red light issues that may be throwing readers out of the story with steps on what to focus on next
– 1:1 (45 minute) zoom call included to go through feedback, ask questions and ensure clarity on next steps

Manuscript evaluation with editorial letter
– editorial letter outlines what is working, identifies red light, yellow light and green light issues that require rewriting/reworking, and clarity on next steps to help you write that next draft
– 1:1 (60 minute) zoom call included to go through feedback, ask questions and ensure clarity on next steps

Pitching to Agents
– the pitch strategy focuses on how to pitch your novel to agents and includes iterative coaching on a two-page synopsis (in manuscript format), a 600 word or less query letter, and an excel spreadsheet where we research agents to pitch
– the pitch strategy includes researching agents, submission guidelines and a 1:1 coaching call to rank the agents
– a written pitch plan aimed at pitching a small batch of agents at one time, gaining feedback from responses, course correction of the query letter, synopsis or opening pages of the manuscript – how we approach pivoting the pitch plan is dependent on the kind of responses received from agents

1:1 Fiction Coaching and Career Support for you and your story
– One off coaching sessions or ongoing available by zoom (or phone if in Australia)

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