Writing Resources

Below is a list of the professional writers and editors who offer courses to help improve your fiction prose.

Asymmetrical Press – Resources for writers

Brisbane Writers’ Workshop – Lauren E Daniels

Margie Lawson Writer’s Academy

My Story Doctor – David Farland

The Creative Penn – Joanna Penn

The Writing and Opinions of Dean Wesley Smith

Brandon Sanderson teaching Magic Systems on YouTube

If you are going to publish an e-book, you may be interested in this link which steps you through the process of creating a hyperlink table of contents for your book.

How to Add Table of Contents in Word for Mac 2011 so it can be published on Kindle.

Sarah Painter – Stop Worrying, Start Writing

Romance Writers of Australia – this group are so supportive and really do help you to develop your romance writing.

Writing Believable Characters for Genre Fiction by Selina Shapland on Skillshare.com

Scrivener How-to – The Writer’s Tech Stop